Red Oaks and Orvieto
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Red Oaks is based out of the small but scenic and historic city of Orvieto, a hilltop town with modern aspects in a traditional atmosphere, a full range of services for residents and visitors, recreational and cultural activities, and a uniquely convenient location. Almost half way between Rome and Florence, Orvieto is situated in the beautiful and environmentally maintained Umbrian countryside.

Our goal is to serve clients who are interested in assistance with the purchase, restructuring, and continued maintenance of property located in Orvieto and in the surrounding rural areas, including the several smaller towns and burghs,  located within a half hour from Orvieto, which gravitate for many services toward this charming small city.

First, let us welcome you to our town with a short photographic tour showing views of the historic part of Orvieto as well as its surrounding countryside (Click on Slide show).

We hope and believe that this tour, coupled with the description below of its history, people, services and activities, will convince you that Orvieto is worth a visit as a potential point of reference and location for your investment in Italian country or historic town property.