Help with Renovating, Restoring, or Expanding your Orvieto Area Property: PDF Print E-mail

Red Oaks Partners represent you during the selection and the management of all aspects of your relationship with your chosen builder. This includes helping you pick a builder and a general coordinator for any desired construction (in Italian called the Direttore dei Lavori, an extremely useful and legally required figure). As importantly, our job also entails constantly following the building process to help assure adherence to various elements and requirements of your contracted project, such as cost estimates, general quality of the work and completion of the project in a REASONABLY timely manner. As a premise in this regard, our experience, and that of everyone we know, is that completion, also for reasons sometimes out of the builder’s control, is never precisely according to schedule. Our job is not to do the impossible, but to follow the work on a constant basis, and provide “gentle” prodding to a reliable builder when necessary to keep things moving according to plan.