In Town and in the Countryside Print

Orvieto and the surrounding countryside and smaller towns (all located within a half hour drive from this city) which we serve, for us incomprehensibly, has begun only rather recently as compared to other areas in Umbria to attract potential second home or retirement home purchasers. And this interest has certainly occurred here more recently than in Tuscany, which is by now relatively saturated. In the Orvieto area, therefore, there is still a broad choice of property available. And prices, also of course in light of current general world economic conditions, are still “honest”.

Here, therefore, is where Red Oaks Partners enters the picture. We, as your locally resident representatives, will introduce you to well-established local real estate agents who market a broad range of property in our area. And if you wish we will accompany you with the agent you select throughout your search as well as in any dealings with agent and seller which lead up to and include the closing on the acquisition of your property.

Finally of course we hope that subsequent to your purchase you will want to know us better, and avail yourselves of part or the full range of Red Oaks Partners’ property management services, which are described in the “Services” section of the site.