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Orvieto has 10 museums and archeological sites, containing relics and works of art that reflect its life as a small but periodically rather important regional center, beginning in the Etruscan and Roman periods and continuing throughout Medieval history down to  modern times. Courses of study in these academic areas are available, as well as practical ad hoc courses in traditional ceramic work, cooking (with ample opportunities to sample results, accompanied by the wonderful local wines, olive oils, cheeses, cured meats – shall we continue?), etc. There is a beautiful public library, there are concerts and a full theater season at the Teatro Mancinelli, there are first run Italian movies. And for more physically active relaxation, there is tennis, nearby golf, a public outdoor pool, and of course hiking and cycling through the woodsy or rural countryside. Finally, there is a lovely broad and well maintained public nature path which circles Orvieto about halfway down the cliff and which is available during the day for a delightful walk (1 ½ to 1 ¾ hrs. for the full distance) or for a more energetic jog ( 35 to 45 min. full circle), either full circle or partial distance entering/exiting at various intermediary points of access.

face of the Orvieto's Duomo (cathedral)