An Appreciation for Good Living and Hard Work PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 24 March 2010 03:36

Locals Linger in front of the Orvieto Classico Wine BuildingOrvieto is a small city, with a little over 20,000 residents. The slightly more than casual observer, therefore, is surprised to discover how much it offers, not only for the passing tourist, but also for the full or part time resident. To begin with, it is extremely conveniently located, while not being crowded. It is historic, but very well maintained, with several pedestrian areas in and around the historic center, and ample, inexpensive and conveniently located parking in and around town. Orvieto, as a relatively important historic and current hub also for the surrounding Umbrian countryside , is of course a modern city with a full range of services. But it is also a town which is not hectic. Its people are still traditional enough in their mentality to conserve for the town an atmosphere which, while certainly cordial and lively, manages not to be frenetic. Orvieto is still a town of honest master craftspersons, artisans, builders/restorers, and shop owners; and it is a town where people work hard for themselves and for others, whether in the trades, in the professions or in the administrative walks of life.

In short, Orvieto is still a town where one can be confident that a commitment to property ownership, to spending a bit of time and, why not, to investing a bit of emotion, will all over time be more than well rewarded.