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Many, after visiting this beautiful area,  would be happy to create a foothold here, and would willingly plant some roots in or around Orvieto by investing in a country vacation, rental, or potential retirement property, or perhaps by purchasing an historic town house in this delightful small city.

Those of us who have been able to take the time and to make the effort to transform this generic wish into reality have been well rewarded.

Others, perhaps residing too far away, and with commitments which make it difficult to dedicate the amount of attention necessary to successfully manage without some help the process of  purchasing, maintaining, cleaning, gardening, refurbishing, restoring or rebuilding their country home, have reluctantly decided to put off or give up the acquisition of their Umbrian country home.

Red Oaks Partners proposes itself as the solution to the  dilemma faced by those who would happily consider country or historic town property ownership in this area (Orvieto and the surrounding towns and countryside), but who live normally too far away to feel comfortable in undertaking such a commitment without local support. We offer a complete range of services to assist you in all the above mentioned aspects of the management of your Umbrian country property. We are NOT Real Estate Agents. But, with our continuing presence and attention, our mission is to be your constantly available local representative and caretaker.

The spirit we bring to this effort is that of knowing that our clients will be our future neighbors, and, we hope, future friends.

The experience we bring is that of already having done for ourselves what we propose to do for you. The “partners” of Red Oaks Partners are almost all people who arrived by chance in Orvieto from abroad or from a different part of Italy, who decided they liked it here, and who therefore bought and reconstructed or restored homes (one dating back to Medieval times) in the area. We therefore discovered and created relationships with reliable real estate agents, top quality builders and artisans, whom we now feel comfortable will help us provide the level of client satisfaction that is necessary for us to grow our business.

We look forward to getting to know you in Orvieto.


*Please Take Note: Red Oaks Partners, Orvieto, Italy, is NOT associated with any other company which might have a similar corporate name. It is a totally independent company, constituted and registered in the Republic of Italy.