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Dear Potential Customers, Neighbors and Friends,

We at Red Oaks Partners believe that Orvieto, along with the towns and countryside that surround it, should not be missed by anyone who wants to spend quality time in Italy.

We also believe it's likely that a good number of those who get to know our area will be interested in owning vacation homes or country property here, as long as they can feel sure that, once their property is purchased, they can count on having a local, constantly available helping hand with the management of things like home restructuring and all aspects of property maintenance.

We therefore believe that Red Oaks Partners can play an important and necessary role in ensuring that you get the enjoyment and satisfaction that you hope for - and deserve - from property ownership in our area.

The people you see listed and in the photos on this page want to be your constantly available "helping hands" in Orvieto and in its surrounding territory. All are long time residents and property owners here, and are well experienced in their areas of responsibility.

And all will be very happy to welcome you when you come to see us.


Adrian P. Misarti - Company Founder and Your Primary Contact.

Alessandra Carotenuto - Responsible for Restructuring Services

Luca Foscoli - Director of Construction and Builder Coordination

Ezio Luciani - Responsible for Maintenance, Cleaning and Gardening Services

Lucianna Coppola - Responsible for Visit Package Services